Thursday, September 10, 2009

baby boys quilt

i finally finished up baby boys quilt. i don't know why it took me so long to get the binding on, just putting it off. but its a relief to have it done. i would change a few things about this quilt, but all in all I'm pleased. the colors are showing up a bit brighter than they really are, like the orange. yikes its bright, but not so much in real life. i made this blanket with no intention of it to be for the his room, just a cuddle blanket of his own. i made the girls their own quilts for Christmas and didn't want this little boy to miss out. it is super long and will make for a good play mat.


I'm thinking I'm diggin the back more than the front.

i learned new things about binding, even though it was my 4th quilt to bind. its getting easier and easier. this series of videos helped me out a lot. finally, someone to explain mitered corners step by step. it is alot easier than i thought.

I'm so in love with elephants. somehow i want to incorporate them into the little mans room. and i couldn't help myself with the bird and balloon fabric. it fit into the quilt so well.

oh, i love a sight such as this. makes me want to snuggle him up.


Brianne said...

I love it! I totally love the colors. He's going to be such a cute little guy!

Lindsey said...

Wow! It turned out beautiful... What a lucky little boy already!

Lindsey said...

oh and did you get in quilted somewhere? ....was it costly?

I too have always just quilted them myself but was always curious where to go and how much it was

Ashley said...

I'm so impressed by all of your domestic skills!!

mashby said...

Jessica - this is Britney's friend, Mari. Your girls are A-dorable and you are such a cute cute mommy!! Congrats on the little boy...I will definitely be tuning in for his arrival.

{our happy nest} said...

i love this quilt! i just finished basting a quilt with that same elephant fabric on the back and i fall more and more in love with it the more i see it. what a lucky little man!

Lexi said...

that quilt it totally adorable! Logan loves elephants too... did you ever decide what to do in the girls room? Bunk or sep beds?

Tatum said...

It is beautiful!! I love, love the colors! Can't wait to see that baby!