Friday, September 5, 2008

quilt talk : 300th post : GIVEAWAY!

first lets talk quilts. i love them! they have become my obsession. they are personal and made with love. they keep the ones i love warm. they give security and comfort. they will last forever creating so many memories. they bring me a different feeling of accomplishment than a skirt or tote bag. when i pull it out of the dryer and see the final outcome there is nothing like it. so puckered, soft and just lovely. i made these quilts for my girls for Christmas....


this one is made from a kelly mccaleb quilt kit. i love the colors and the vintage fabrics in this one.
and addies,

now dont judge me, i know this one is not perfect. it has an uneven
side and the binding is far from perfect, the mitered corners are even farther. but i do love it. i think flaws in quilts give them uniqueness and character. you can tell it was handmade, it isnt perfect and manufactured.

such a loverly site.

now that i am done with those, i think i am ready to start another!
i have been putting up scraps on my inspiration board for awhile. one here, one there. i am still trying to decide if i like the navy blue and deep yellow. i am thinking it could be a picnic quilt(since our picnic and park season is coming closer) or just a light throw. cant wait to get started on another one!

so lets end this with a giveaway!!!
it is my
300th post!
and i am in the mood to giveaway something cute for your little
the winner will receive three headbands.
so cute for you little darling.

just leave me a comment. tell me what you are looking forward too with this upcoming fall season.
i know some of you dont have girls, but i am sure you know a little girl. a relative, a neighbor, a friends child.
i will pick the winner saturday night. lets say 8ish MST.
have a wonderful friday!


Erin said...

Yay! I LOVE giveaways! AND I love fall. Here's what I'm excited about:

-Football season
-Sweaters, scarves, dressing my baby up in cute baby winter clothes
-Going up on the mountain and seeing snow
-Dressing up Ellie for Halloween
-Getting ready for Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS!!
-Hot chocolate
-Turning on the heater
-Cotton picking season/riding on the tractor with Jace while he picks cotton

SO many things I'm excited for!!

Erin said...

Oh my goodness... I forgot to say, LOVE the quilts!! You are so talented.

Madsen Family said...

I love Callie's quilt! So adorable! (love the big polka dots)

I can't wait for fall and to leave the windows open. The air smells So crisp and wonderful!

Hot Chocolate

Simmering cinnamon sticks and spices on the stove so my whole house smells yummy

Baking goodies (and not sweating in such a hot kitchen like in summer time...)

Decorating! I love decorating for the fall holidays! My favorite time of year!

Leaf raking and jumping in leaves.

Can't wait!

tatum said...

Love the quilts! You should sell them! You could make a ton! You have such good taste and talent! I can't believe you have 300 posts!!! You started less than a year ago right??? You are awesome! Hope I get a chance to win!

tatum said...

O ya.
I love:
falling leaves
cooler weather
baking cookies and sweet breads
making holiday crafts
decorating my home
going for walks

Leslie said...

love your inspiration board, i'm into yellow and black done in a classy way, it looks so chic!

i'm looking forward to disneyland, we're going this fall. yay!

Esther said...

You are just soo darn talented. I need to learn how to make quilts. Fall is my favorite season for these reasons:
- my birthday
- all my pumpkin recipes
- Halloween
- opening my doors and windows
- long sleeve shirts

Candace said...

your quilts look so great, Jessica! i love the red & the coin quilt is just so cool!

i am excited about soup & scarves for fall! :)

Jeremiah and Heidi said...

Super cute quilts. I which I could be crafty like that! Saw you on Erin's blog and couldn't resist entering.

Favorite fall things:

-cinnamon spice candles
-changing colors or leaves
-high school football games
-loving that I can decorate in orange

Ryan and Chelsea said...

You are so creative Jessica! I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family. I am looking forward to seeing my breath in the cool weather and falling leaves. I am looking forward to Halloween with the kids. I can't wait for Christmas goodies and the smell of fir trees! So many things to look forward to!

Laura Blue said...

i love pumpkins, leaves, rainy days and hot chocolate!

{Ashley B} said...

Awesome quilts! I love that handmade quilts have personality! I know I always say this but you are SO talented!

I am in love Fall! Here's a few reasons:

Using the fireplace
Watching the leaves turn
Hot chocolate with marshmallows
Wearing cozy socks
Having a great reason to cuddle with the hubby
How the air smells after the first snow
And enjoying all the holiday cheer!

That's just naming a few!

Brittany said...

First off you are amazing. Wow. I peek at your blog thru Erin. You are very real to me. Ya know how people seem like SUPER human on their on blogs? Now do I sound like a stalker? Ok.. somethings I am looking forward to this fall.
-My 25th birthday.
-My oldest daughter turning 5.
-My twin girls turning 1.
-actually feeling like I might be old enough to have 4 kids. ;)
-making Christmas presents this year for a change.
-changing weather
-maybe saving enough money to take my family up to the snow.
-Thanksgiving.. my favorite holiday (which also happens to be my birthday this year)
-House hunting in the nearby farming community.
-maybe taking a day to myself and getting a decent pedicure and hair done.

You can blog stalk me too if you'd like..

Whitney said...

I LOVE FALL!! I am so excited for:

-Warm pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting
-Williams & Sonoma smelly good stuff you put on the stove and let linger throughout your house
-Walking outside feeling crisp cool across my face
-Christmas shopping
-Christmas music
-Hot chocolate with millions of mallows
-Thanksgiving pie & Thanksgiving company
-Candy corn
-Decorating my table with fall leave placemats I got last year
-Chicken noodle soup & homemade bread

So much more that I love but these are just some highlights

One more thing: Doing a fun craft with JESSICA MY AWESOME COUSIN ;) ;) like a halloween ghost made out of gauze or something like that LOVE YER GUTZ!!

Swasey family said...

I love looking at your blog it is so inspirational! I found it thrhough Ellee (Lawalor) we are great frineds!I don't have any girls so far all I have is twin boys who are 2 and have just found out baby #3 is on its way!I love fall so much! I have allready put all my fall decor out weeks ago!Fall has like a smell in the air and I LOVE it!

Eric and Addie said...

Where did you get your shirt? the one your wearing in your birthday picture and new profile picture. you always have the cutest clothes.

Oh yeah, your quilts are so adorable.

The Meehl Family said...

I love the changing colors and the sound of crunching leaves...

Your quilts are adorable. I sooo need to learn to quilt!

Fullerton Family said...

Cute headbands!

What I love about fall?

-The changing leaves.
- Halloween and dressing the girls up!
-Chilly weather (not cold, though!)
-Chimney Smoke
-Decorating for Fall!!

Beautiful quilts, by the way! I wish I had your talent!

Jessica said...

thanks addie! i got it at forever 21. i love shopping at that store, but not when i have kids. it can be kinda overwhelming.

Jenn said...

Found your blog by blog hopping - I love blog hopping!

What I love about fall:
1) crisp cool air
2) sweaters
3) hot chocolate
4) pumpkins
5) getting ready for Thanksgiving- best holiday ever!
6) change in the leaves
7) the early morning hours change from daylight savings
8) Cuddling with my husband when it is chilly! ok, I don't need a reason to cuddle but sure makes it nice to cuddle by a fire!

Lexi said...

I love the quilts, especially the one for addie. maybe one day if we live near each other again, you could teach me. Looking at all the stuff you make inspires me, but I am a terrible seemstress. Anyway, as for the fall...
cool crisp air, jeans, the smell of my cinnimon candles, decorating the house, halloween (which i have already started gathering costumes), black friday, the excitement of the season. I LOVE fall top for making out lol. For some reason the fall weather always makes me want to make out with Dave lol. Is that appropriate for your blog?

Missy and Diane said...

Love the quilts, love the headbands, miss you in the swaps! There is nothing like wrapping up in a quilt on a cool October day! The warmth, snuggle and comfort they give is like a hug!

I look forward to cool, crisp days (especially here in the midwest), apple cider, sitting on the porch swing in the am with a cup of coffee, sitting on the porch in the pm with a glass of wine, hitching up our big horses and going for a wagon ride with the whole family to see all the beautiful leaves and colors, and watch the kids as they make big piles of leaves to jump in! Oh, and Halloween, love Halloween!

Jessica said...

heck no lexi! around here, we are all about love talk!:O)
mark and i were just talking about fall and everyone wanting to make out, its no wonder so many people are born in august/september! :)

andrea said...

That Chinese coin quilt is amazing! I really want to try making a quilt, I am slowly building up my fabric choices so hopefully soon I'll make one :) You are doing great with them, how fun!

andrea said...

OH and what I am looking forward to about Fall....the soup, hot cider, the crisp feeling in the air, sweaters, pumpkin patches, Thanksgiving and all the beautiful leaves! I love love Fall.

jessica's mom said...

Hi Jessica,
They are beautiful. Your girls are very lucky to have such a creative mom.
I'm excited about seeing the quilt that I successfully bid on. I will let you know when it arrives.

jessica's mom said...
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The Weights said...

So super cute! Well everything you make is cute. I wish I could be more creative like you!

Taralee and Trace said...

So you inspired me to try to build a quilt. The last quilt I built was for David Gentry...and it was just a Levi quilt.
I'm going to try a REAL quilt now with actual fabric. Wish me luck.
PS. Do you hand stick? Or do you do it all on the machine?
PSS. I have a BUNCH of old T-shirts that I was to cut and make into a quilt. Any suggestions?

PSSS...LOVE all your work and your creativitiness.