Saturday, September 20, 2008

what to do?

my USB cord isn't working. shucks. if you've noticed my last few posts are about our everyday life in places that we are often (bath, table). i want to share some of our lives in our home at random parts of the day. more to come on that since i cant upload pictures at the moment.

and because i cant post without a picture....

my girls are growing so fast. ahhh!

i have been overwhelming myself with things to do. fun things, that i like to do and that really shouldn't be overwhelming. i really want to take advantage of the season and enjoy every day of it. i have so many fun projects on my mind. i wish i could do them all at once.... like today... i have a list of things i would like to do, and i know i cant do it all today, but how do i chose?
*make pumpkin cookies.
*can more peaches and make peach jam. i just bought another box.
*finish a banner for a baby shower.
*make a Halloween banner for my front door.
*spray paint frames. put salvaged pieces of an old quilt in them. *finish my fall topiary.
*embroider patches to make something like this.
*figure out what my kids will be for Halloween. (should i give in and let addie be a princess?, everyone her age will be a princess. but if that's what she wants, what do you think?)

on the other hand there a lot of things i don't want to think about and neglect.
*cleaning my back porch.
*vacuuming the floor.
*getting the stain out of addies shirt, the shirt i really really like.
*loosing weight

and a life changing decision,
* is this the right choice?


Erin said...

You guys are really thinking about going into the army? That IS a big decision! I hate decisions like that. Will you please post pictures of your topiary when you're done?

Ashley said...

Wow, those are a lot of fun things to choose from! I'm trying to motivate myself just to sweep my floor! Katie wants to be a princess this year too, AGAIN, but this time "I want to wear the blue dress this time Mommy" since last year she wore the pink dress and went as Sleeping Beauty. Ethan's determined to go as a dog (he wants to grow up to be a dog like his dog Duke!) so I keep trying to convince Kate to go as a kitty. But princess costumes sure are precious!

Ok, oh my goodness, is Mark considering the Army?!?! That's a big deal!!

Pottruffs said...

I would say just let her be the princess, only little for so long. My 8 year old wants to be something scary. No more princess costumes for her. LOL Last year she was a vampire. Why can't they stay little. All your projects seem fun. I don't have that many I really want to do right now. I have a new camera though and going to use that like crazy. Military?!?!? wow, I have 2 brothers in it, one becoming a Major this year and some cousins in it as well. Tough decision, no one but you two can decide on that. Good luck with your list and can't wait to see what you do.

Dallas & Natalie Turley said...

I was talking to your Dad this weekend about you possibly using the army to pay off loans!! I don't know if I would let Dallas do that. Just the thought of not being able to see my husband for a long time period makes me sad :(

tatum said...

O you will get all of the things on your to do list done. You always do! Those pumpkin cookies are delish! and canning is so fun and rewarding. I love it!

About the Army... only you two can decide. But, I think it sounds quite profitable. You two are a strong couple and you could make it work. Serving your country is a noble thing, allowing your husband to serve is MORE noble.

Lexi said...

I love that fall it coming around and I think we are all feeling it more now that halloween is approaching. WE are doing peter pan this year. Hay- Wendi, Trent-CPT Hook, Log- Peter, Lay- Tinkerbelle

As for the army, you can send me an e-mail if you want my opinion on it. But, like I told you when we were home, it was the best decision Dave and I ever made, however it is not for everyone. But, I think you would do just fine. I love the Army way of life and the community. I don't love the Army, but you take the good with bad lol.