Friday, September 26, 2008

machine quilting question

swaysey family asked, "So do you quilt your own quilts?I've made 2 queen sized quilts for christmas presants and have been paying lots of money for someone to use there quilting machiene.What do you do and how easy / hard is it?"

i love the look of machine quilting. so vintagy. :) but i don't love the dollar sign it comes with. you usually pay by the square inch. that is a lot of extra money put into the quilt on top of the fabric, and batting. because of that, i have always done my own quilting. it is my favorite part of the whole process. i just do whatever comes to my mind. i think that is the joy of quilting, there is no right or wrong way, whatever you do is unique. i think it is fairly easy to do your own quilting. i have never quilted anything too difficult though, just straight lines, and pretty simple.
some ideas and inspiration:

simple ideas......

my quilt. i just sewed straight lines in each direction across the squares to make a checker board.

i know this isn't a quilt, so to speak, but you get the same idea.stitch in the ditch is what they call it. its as simple as sewing in the seams. thats it.

other favorite ideas,
**soule mamas quilts, love them. i am sure i have mentioned her before. love her stuff. just plain in love. this one and this one.

**nettiepetes quilts, amazing! . so simple. just sew lines opposite of your seams.

**and one from the amazing amy karol,

**i love the wave detail in this one from candace.

i hope this sparked some ideas and gave you some new inspiration.:) remember, don't be afraid to try something different and out of the box. there is no right or wrong. now i am in the mood to sew. :)


The Claridges said...

ok i need massive help! I am trying to finish a quilt I started but am wanting to do it on the machine. So I started. First line great, second line-puckering a little, third line-oh not too bad I'm getting better then all hell broke lose and I have no idea what happened but really got carried away. 8 lines later I looked at the back and was blown away at how messed up it was. How do you keep the back from puckering? When do you do the binding? Like do you sew the binding onto the top piece of the quilt first, then do your quilting, then finish the binding by hand? Please give me step by step and exactly how you do it. its causing me to lose my joke. Oh and do you pin it together like crazy? i'm handicapp!