Tuesday, September 23, 2008

inspiration question

tatum asked...
mmmm. Where do you find the time to sew and make so many adorable crafts? What would you say is your main source of inspiration?

well, i usually stay up late into the night sewing and doing other things. sometimes i may be so excited to get my hands on something and sew when my kids are awake. i will turn around in my chair and it looks like a tornado hit.
i find inspiration in so many places. i think my mind is always in search of inspiration all day long. when i am at the mall, i look at the clothes the manequins are wearing, the textures and color combos are always inspirational. i love love love flickr. i could browse on that all day long! you can see my favorites here. i love magazines and clip out pages. if i see colors that i love or pictures, and ideas, i cut them out and put them on my cork board above my sewing machine. it is constant eye candy, and is slowly getting sweeter.
etsy is also a great source of inspiration, as a lot of you know.
music gets me in a happy mood. it gets my wheels spinning with new ideas and things to create. i love good music.

thanks for your questions. it is giving me something to blog about with out recent pictures on hand! keep them comin!


tatum said...

I admire your creativity so much! Thanks for sharing. I love your cork board. What a nifty idea! You are a genius!

jes said...

i also love vintage fabric! {k vintage anything really} i do want to do pillows, but i don't want to cut it up! but then i'll have to search for the perfect material to go around and back for a quilt.. and we don't have the best selection up here! hmm, we shall see!
i have a cork board also! it sure helps..
you should definatly take your digital camera. it's better then nothing, and photoshop can work wonders! all i have is a 3yr old sony cyber shot, and it helps those pictures so much. they won't be as good, but o-well.. one of these days i'll get a good camera!
so my question/request: your meeting, dating, engaged story! very excited to hear that one!