Tuesday, December 1, 2009


my little callie is allergic to my brothers dog, Lennon(yes, after John Lennon).
five minutes after he licked her, she had a raised rash all over her cheek, her eyes were red and puffy, and she couldn't stop scratching her face.

i ran to the store for some benadryl, which cured it nicely.
the next day i had (more like forced, she doesn't like dogs) Lennon lick her again.... just to see.
and wa-la, another nasty rash.
callie is allergic to dogs!


Tatum said...

So is Chloe! Along with everything else. Good thing you guys got rid of your dog. :)

Jess said...

I guess this means no more dogs for the Higbees... I wish I had that excuse. :-)

Jessica said...

some comments didnt show up on here, dont know why?? is anyone else having trouble?

Laurie said...

I kind of hate dogs, so...congratulations!

andrea said...

Oh dear!! Well....that's a good excuse to not have to get them a dog later in life :) Maybe it's just that one dog...? haha We really need to get together someday Jessica. I am not finding that many cool friends yet ;) There is a big boutique a week from this Saturday that a friend of mine is putting on, if you are interested email me!