Thursday, December 17, 2009

my saving grace

i cant get anything done without it on and stuffed with a 14 lb baby.
i cook with on,
vacuum the stairs with it on,
take walks with it on,
do crafts with it on.
its amazing!
every new mother must own one! seriously!
its worth every penny.
your baby will sleep forever in this thing!
i must warn you though... you will get a lot of strange looks. A LOT!
people will stare at you.
people will stare and then laugh and say,
" i thought you were pregnant and just carrying your baby high. but then i saw the head coming out the wrong end."
just warning you.
but its worth it.
i love you sleepy wrap.


Ryan and Chelsea said...

I'm so glad you like it!! I haven't gotten mine yet--but haven't needed it. Stella sleeps all day in her bed.

Fullerton Family said...

I don't know how a new mom can survive w/o one!! It's a totally sanity saver!!

Chels said...

we have this in our lives too!!! My babys love it! I dont use it as much with our 3rd as I did with our 2nd, but it is better than a Bjorn!!! I LOVE IT! we called ours a ToeToe, and made it ourselves! ( is where we found it!)
Some one smart is now making them and selling them! Whoo Hoo!