Wednesday, December 30, 2009

making christmas cookies,

at mimi and papas house. my grandma smiths gingerbread cookies to be exact.

uncle kevin approves.

pretty christmas aprons sewn by me a few months ago. i saw the fabric and couldnt pass it up. i cant wait to pull them out again for christmas baking in the future. for a slight second while sewing, i even pictured tying them around my grandchildren!

we are still in slow mode over here, how about you? we have been fighting croup in our home. it went through the girls and now walker has a cough bug. but im hoping we can get back into a routine and that i can start posting more often again. hope your christmas was merry!
more snow, family, and christmas fun to follow!


Tatum said...

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas! We actually have croup too. It is so very awful. So weird how we go through so many of the same things at the same time. LOVE, love the aprons! They are so beautiful. You never cease to amaze!