Sunday, December 20, 2009

arizona temple in december

i really enjoyed myself this year as we strolled the temple grounds.
i felt the Christmas spirit.
i felt the spirit of Christ.
i enjoyed watching my children's eyes gleam. i enjoyed seeing the Christus and listening to the narration from the bible that plays in the visitor center. (and addie in totally confusion wondering where in the world Jesus' voice was coming from.) i enjoyed watching the movie of Jesus' birth. (and hearing addie ask if the people were speaking spanish. they were speaking hebrew.ha!)

i felt love.

i felt peace.
i felt success and accomplishment in this Christmas season. i keep worrying about the things i need to get done, or the things i wish i had done. my tree isnt decorated. there are no beautifully wrapped presents under the tree, and thats ok. i was able to put all of that aside and experience the true Christmas spirit with the people i love most.

we headed over to mesa frozen yogurt after we where done. we laughed and joked. it was a wonderful family night.
as you prepare for this special day ahead, spend a moment with your children. lay under the tree, look up at the lights and talk of Jesus.
it is magical.

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The Van Fam said...

i love the pictures! isnt awesome how a trip to the temple puts everything into perspective, even if it is just visiting the lights! i felt the same way this year. it really does remind us why we have Christmas! hope you guys are doing well!

Beth said...

we love visiting the lights too! If you come again this year let me know- we live just across the street. We'd love to see you! Maybe after Christmas you guys can come over for a playdate.