Thursday, December 10, 2009

dreaming of a white christmas

we finally got our lights up. the girls were so happy. and so was i.

my parents are looking out their windows in the white mountains and seeing a blanket of white.
how i wish we could enjoy it!
instead, we walked outside to admire daddies light-putting-up skills, barefoot.

im hoping to deck the halls a little more inside the house tomorrow. the tree will just have to be half decorated, like last year and the year before. but the garland on the stair banister will be strung and stockings hung. (im a bit behind)
maybe some paper snowflakes as well!


Ashley Harris said...

I'm amazed at all you are doing this year!

It was so wonderful to see you, once the holidays are over we need to get our families together. I told Ethan and Kate that we saw 'Addie's Mom' and they were jealous and said that they haven't seen her for a really long time! They miss her. :)