Wednesday, December 30, 2009

christmas eve & christmas day

christmas eve,

we read The Night Before Christmas. we set out cookies and milk for Santa by the fireplace. we didnt forget the reindeer, the largest carrots were left out for them. addie asked how santa would fit down the chimney. we sprinkled magic dust on the white ground outside so the reindeer would know where to find us. we said our goodnights. and by the glow of faux fire, we slept.

christmas morning,

i awoke at 5:45 to addie jumping for joy and saying over and over, " its Christmas! its Christmas!" it was totally like in the movies. gave her marks phone and said we could go downstairs when the clock read seven zero zero.
o the excitement!
we did our stockings and i made my grandma walkers crumb cake for breakfast.

santa sent the girls on a treasure hunt for their gift. all over mimis house they went to discover a wooden doll house that he had left them.

and walker got a rattle. just what addie asked santa for. she wrote a letter to santa in school, asking only for a rattle for her baby brother. and a rattle he got!:)

it was a magical and happy christmas!