Friday, October 22, 2010

.being secretive.

i went to go tuck the girls into bed and this is what i found.
addie under the covers with a flashlight and a book.

i love it!

i could hold off on prayers, reading and bedtime a little bit longer.
seriously, a good book under a sheet with a flash light. something about it is enchanted, whimsical, imaginative, special and just plain cool.


Chels said...

This is sooo cute. love that she did that! And you are raising avid readers, YOU ROCK for that!!!! You must be a nice night time mommy, cause my kids are scared to death of me when I say "go to BED." the no-fuss momma comes out. I need to loosen up so I can see precious moments like this!!!! I have walked in though on my kids in the same bed--- Kallin wishes he could sleep with Colette everynight. I think he really thinks she is fun past 7 pm. Before 7 they seem to fight quite often.... lol!

btw... you totally have to do some red sauce pastas. They are a huge hit. And every momma needs THAT photo of their babe eating that traditional meal for the 1st time. {note, sometimes we do penne pasta, it's so much easier to cut....}