Monday, October 18, 2010

hello there.

its been awhile hasn't it. i've been in a deep rut. i've been thinking about why i haven't blogged in so long. i came up with:

its so hot and im sick of the never ending summer here. im a fall, cold lovin person. im not me in this heat. it makes me grumpy. im just ready to be rid of my summer clothes and wear a sweater.

we painted out house, finally! and ive been hanging things up that have been in the closet for 3 years. ahh, its so refreshing.

well, life in general. addies school work, piano lessons, being a mom and wife. well, that just takes a lot of ya.

walkers walking.
dig my grave.
no, its really cute. but holy moley that kid can move.

boutiques. oh my word.
im doing 3 boutiques this season.
2 on the same day.
i know it will be worth it in the end. so excited for all of the new items i have to add.

my anxiety has gotten really bad (go figure). i think i finally found a solution and can go through a normal day without it totally taking over.

so im excited to update this poor blog of mine. to start, here is addies cute kindergarten picture.....

i was so relieved to see that it wasnt too much of a fake smile. she is a doll.

we just got back from another trip up to the mountains. i saw with my very own eyes that trees are changing colors and that it really is autumn! you would never know it in this 90+ degree desert. of course, i have some pictures to share of the trip with you this week.
 have a most wonderful monday!


mimi2five said...

finally!!!!! Dad and I have been going nuts. We check your blog multiple times a day and text each other with "nope. . . no blog today" messages! Fun to have you here even though it was short! The grands are awesome. you are a wonderful mommy. don't fret . . . they will all turn out great!!
xoxo mom

Chels said...

welcome back! hehe. Adorable pic, and I agree, when I go on hyatias.. It's usually for reasons you listed...

shalynn said...

i'm glad to know that i'm not the only one that ignores her blog for some of those very reasons:) anxiety? ugh, i've got it too. i'm a huge believer in anti-depressants though:) email me if you want to chat about them!