Tuesday, October 26, 2010

mini pizzas

the other day i was so clueless as to what to make for lunch. i felt like old mother hubbard with bare cupboards. but i DID some refrigerated biscuits that i got for a steal from couponing, shredded cheese and a jar of spaghetti sauce.... so we made mini pizzas. 

how to make your own:
  • open biscuits can, try not to jump from the loud pop. i jump every time!
  • put biscuits on cookie sheet, flatten.
  • top with sauce and whatever toppings tickle your taste buds.
  • cook according to biscuit directions or until edges are brown.
  • EAT!

great kid (and adult) pleaser!


Laura said...

I love the pic of Callie eating the cheese, so cute! We make mini pizzas with english muffins, they work great!

mindy said...

yummmmy. great idea!!!

p.s. we will both be in that boutique this year. traci said you might want some bows in navy & red for your kids for school? i have cream, navy & red... :) i'm excited to see your necklaces!!!

Chels said...

oh, that looks so yum!!! And I love that the girls are doing it all!

{I jump everytime too}