Friday, October 29, 2010

schnepf farm 2010

another year at schnepf farms. its become a tradition of ours to go every october. mimi and papa joined us this time around. we love it there. the kids had a BLAST this year. addie was running from ride to ride and couldnt get enough.

im never good with words and around here its mostly pictures, which is fine by me. :)
so .... let me share with you the fun time we had at schnepf farms through snapshots......

callie decided she was going to brave the roller coaster this year.
 you can see her sitting by my dad in the first picture....
but where did she go in the second picture? she was buried in his side by freight! poor girl.
she came up to me afterward and told me first off that her tummy hurt. just like her daddy, doesnt handle the jerky rides very well.

another year full of great memories.
o it was a fun time!


Chels said...

I adore these photos, you in the shades, with one of the girls, the family shot. they are all soooooo cute. you little awesome mommy! This year (I regress) we didn't do the pumpkin patch. I'm so lame. But last year Kallin's allergys were so torturous that it wasnt even worth it this year. Next year though.
Adore the photos. :)

Janae said...

Such a cute family photo. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I've never been there, but you make it look great :)