Saturday, October 23, 2010

school fall fair

we went to the fair that addies school put on today.
they had tickets to do all sorts of fun fair games.
we had ice cream treats (it was hot!) and got faces painted.
games played:
plink game,
fished for treats,
threw rings,
bounce house,
 threw ball in the hole &
painted pumpkins.

:::if i could, this cute little kid would be betrothed to one of my girls. i pick him up at school with addie. his awesome family is in our ward. it would be perfect i tell you! he is so cute... i cant get over him.::::

and, every mothers dream....
they won goldfish!

they named tehm while we were standing in line waiting to play the game!
goldie on the left, nemo on the right.

it was a great time!


Ashley Madsen said...

ahhh YEAH! You get to take care of fish now! haha
Callie's dress is so cute!