Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Diary,

today was a great day!


i woke up early this morning. i prayed and read a scripture before the kids arose. im pretty sure thats what made my day great. i read a scripture that basically said, if we have faith, the Lord will give us mercy and will make us mighty in the things that he has called us to do. he has called me to be a mother. he is cheering me on in that calling. he knows what im going through. the knows what i want for my kids and he will make me mighty and strong to teach them the right ways and things that they should know, and he will help me.

i finished canning the chicken that my mother in law gave me. i have about 50 cans in the pantry waiting to be made into gravy, enchiladas, chicken salad and whatever else.

i also picked all of the lemons and oranges off our tree this morning. callie helped me for about 3 min. and then she was done. so we talked while i picked and just enjoyed the cool air and being outside. the smell of lemons filled the air with every pick. we ended up with 4 bags of lemons and 3 bags of oranges.


i love citrus. i LOVE fresh OJ. we made lemon ice cream for family home evening last night. we couldnt get enough, the kids had 3rds. it was great.


we went to the library today. i love library day. i love flipping through all of the rows and rows of books. i love getting home and sitting on the big chair with the girls and reading every single one of the books. just relaxing and reading stories. again... so great.

the children's quiet time is up and im back on duty.


Lexi said...

I loved this post. I loved reading about a day I can only dream of having lol. I loved being reassured that the Lord is cheering us on... Thanks jessica!