Tuesday, February 15, 2011

dinner for 2

mark and i rarely go out on valentines. we like to spend it at home, in our comfy clothes. we dont have to fight the crowds or pay a tip.
this year, we fed and bathed the kids, and after they were tucked into bed we had a quiet, candle lit dinner of our own. i seem to always make him a steak dinner. since i dont buy it that often it is a special treat. we also had baked potatoes and bacon wrapped asparagus. does that sound like a man meal or what!
mark loves cream pies, so i topped off the meal with a homemade chocolate cream pie. 




we settled in on the couch and watched a movie afterward.
it was great.
just being with my love and talking and being alone was what we needed. 
 i love him so much. he is always there for me, supporting me, comforting me, serving me. we have come so far and been through so much together. im so glad its him that im sharing this life with.

xoxo, J


Beth said...

How romantic! The roses we got are called lady banks. they are supposed to be great for here! good luck with them if you decide to do it! and happy v-day late!

Tatum said...

Such a good wifey! How fun!