Tuesday, February 22, 2011

what brings me joy on a monday, with my husband home, and no school for addie?

sleeping in (7am).
no morning rush to get ready and out the door.
lunch at olive garden for soup, salad and bread sticks.
the kids have been begging me to go the new olive garden down the street. they were pretty excited to go to a fancy place.
it was yummy!




then we visited grandma and grandpa and ate brownies right out of the oven with them.
perfect timing to visit i would say!

then off to home depot and the local nursery for plants and veggies for the yard.


the flowers are just lovely.


we picked up some roses for the yard. we will going back for a visit to pick up a tangerine or peach (we cant decide) tree and some bushes for the front yard.
we are also extending our back patio, so concrete will be on the list. im super excited about that. there will be a lot of room and shade for swim parties, evening bbqs and riding bikes.

then off to goodwill we did go.
we purchased this great radio flyer trike for walker. it is decked out with 2 bells and streamers.

on the way home we headed to the farmers market and filled our cart with the cheapest, yummiest produce. blueberries were 2 huge cartons for $1.00. addie was thrilled! she loves her blueberries.

the day flew by so fast, and before we knew it, it was 4 pm. the girls jumped on the tramp, daddy filled up the garden with more soil and i cooked a yummy dinner. the girls went to bed without hesitation and i snuggled in my warm bed, under my down comforter and played connect 4 with my love on his phone.

that is what brings me joy on a monday, with my husband home, and no school for addie.


Chels said...

perfect day.

such a perfect day!

Beth said...

sounds like a fun and busy day! I want to see all your plants when you are done! I love flowers!