Tuesday, February 22, 2011

fancy free

we have been spending most of our afternoons at the playgrounds. the weather in the arizona desert has been beautiful and i hate to see it leave. we are just soaking up this cool breezy air.




and this little gal has learned to pump on the swings all by herself.



you bet.


complete freedom.



Beth said...

cute girls. and walker is looking like such a little man.

i would be honored to do a giveaway on my blog! Let me know when would work for you! that would be awesome!


Chels said...

the photos are great. I've got to get to the park camera in hand & see what I can get. Your photos are great. :)

Traci said...

So fun!! Love the pics on the swing!

Tatum said...

This weather is gorgeous! Park date please?! Next week?! miss you tons!

Lexi said...

oh i am so super jealous of your sunny weather! It is freezing with snow here... I am so ready for the renewal of spring!! And if we move here, by the time we get there... it will be starting to get hot and we will have completely missed spring :(

Chels said...

I meant to tell you, don't you just love that mustard sweater?! I think I wear mine TOO often. It's so cute on you, and that makes me think it's so cute on me too! :)