Sunday, February 13, 2011

will you be my valentine?

i LOVE LOVE valentines day. it makes me happy. my mom made valentines day really special for us as kids so its embedded in me. but how can you not like a holiday thats all about letting the people you care about most,  know that you love them and celebrate that love?

we put together some valentines for our loved ones and friends.
these are the pictures we chose from the girls photo shoots to put on their valentines.....


i know! cute right!?

and here they are......



we added some m&ms in a bag for a little goodie to go with it.


the girls loved them! they were/are so excited to show all of their friends.

i went in to addies school on friday for their valentine day party. i had a blast. we decorated bags for their mailboxes, frosted and decorated cookies, and passed out valentines. addie came up to me in the back of the class and put her arms around my neck and gave the longest smooch on my cheek. she had no worries about her friends seeing, and i adored it! i love helping out there. her teacher is great and they are learning so much.

anyway..... the girls found the safest place in the house to sort through all of addies loot.
on the top bunk... away from the candy monster... walker.




Chels said...

SO CUTE JESSICA! They really turned out adorable! I love them. Tomorrow is our big reveal but the valentines finally came in YESTERDAY! So we got them all ready... and now we are excited! Really, truly excited to celebrate LOVE DAY. I'm with you, any day that celebrates love, it's got to be a good one!
{I updated the blog to show the finished product}
Happy Valentines to you!

Beth said...

Those are adorable! What a cute idea! and addies red dress is the cutest ever. I want it for myself!

You've got to tell me what you are thinking about for your girlies room! I'd love to hear and throw in my 2 cents. (if you want it)

happy love day! I love you!