Thursday, March 10, 2011


callie has a lot of good friends her age. most of them are in her class at church, which is awesome. she has this one friend, garrett, that she talks about a lot. they are good buds.
i went over to my friends house yesterday to get my hair done (i got me some ombre highlights i did). cori is amazing and happens to be garretts mom. so i took callie along to play with "garr", as callie calls him. they had a blast! they played SO well together. we were both shocked at how great they get along. callie joined him in swords, dinosaurs & karate. it was great.



yay for good friends!


Anonymous said...

Love that callie girl!!! Garrett is a little TOO fond of her. Love it!

Chels said...

what a cute post, those two look like little buddies for sure!

But something is missing... THE PHOTO OF YOUR HAIR!!!!! I love me some ombre's. I'm getting some done today... imagine that. Maybe some more highlight fun's too. :)
Post pic soon. xoxo!