Monday, March 14, 2011


i asked my talented friend, beth, to draw portraits of my kids.
she is a. maz. ing! see for yourself.... here, here, & here. i know right... this girl has got talent. or as addie would say... wow, she is creatively! :)

anyway, i went to get my mail today and a sweet little package was there from beth. i cant even tell you how fast i ripped that package open... i was excited. and when i saw those portraits of my kids, i was breathless. they are beautiful. i am sooo in love with them and cant wait to get them hung in their rooms.

and here they are.....




the details are amazing! and they are so personal....
addie, her dimple, her slanted smile, her love for lockets, porcalin dolls and music. her uneven socks, the A on her dress.

callie, her love of books and her cowboy boots. her whispy hair, her face is perfect. the C on her dress.

walker, his airplane mobile in his room, his toy dog that he pulls around the house, his face is perfect also. and we hope his hair starts growing to match the picture. :)

thank you beth. i ADORE them. xoxo
ps. scroll down to my "happy sunday" post to see how dead on she was.


Tatum said...

These are perfect! Beth is amazing! LOVE it!