Tuesday, March 8, 2011

main st.

mimi came to town this weekend. we were thrilled! we went out and had a day FULL of fun and adventure. the kids were so well behaved. (except for callie coloring every limb of her body in bright red marker in the car)

we headed over to main st. in downtown mesa. the weather was so beautiful. we walked up and down the street and stopped at all of the great shops.



lunch at mangos was a must. eating outside with the chirping birds and warm sun was just perfect.


whats great is my kids seriously enjoy antique and thrift stores.
 it is great fun for all of us.
my handsome son on the other hand needs some bribing.
so i bought him a sucker at the front desk to keep him entertained.


we walked by a book store and peeked in the window and we all just gasped.
it was awesome!
all of us love books, so we strolled through that door without question.
 the smell of old books was amazing, and the old wooden floors creaked under our feet.
they even had rolling floor to ceiling ladders. awesome.
i feel funny writing that.
that those little things bring us such excitement. but we just loved it all.





and how could we not stop into mesa frozen yogurt. yummy.
the tart flavors are our favorites. i tried the red velvet cake flavor, and it was pretty darn good itself.


after that we hit up a few thrift stores because the kids were being so great and found some treasures.

but wait.... theres more. the day did not end there and the fun continues!

we ended the day at the movies with popcorn for dinner.
gnomeo and juliet has been on the gals "can we do this" list.
it was super cute.

callie was pooped afterward.
we love our mimi. we love it when she comes to visit.
this day will be a great memory to remember.


Lexi said...

sounds like a fun day! I am so jealous of the sunny warm weather there! Its still cold and rainy nearly everyday here

Chels said...

what an incredible day! I love the book store! I can't believe how fun!!! I love the movie, and the yogurt too, maybe I have a slight craving for that right this minute.... yes. I do.
Oh, and I love the pic of you, lovely blues you have ;)

Natalie said...

i love downtown mesa! so much to do and see! their antique stores are so fun! And Mangos! YUMMY!