Wednesday, March 2, 2011

on March 1st.

yesterday i went out on the town with callie. joannes and old navy were first. i got a few things to work on the girls easter dresses.

we ate in and out burgers in the parking lot with the sun roof down and the cool breeze, & listened to the radio.
costco was a must. we are needing the essentials that i usually get from there, gum, butter, cheese, tortillas, chicken, hamburger, granola bars, spinach and frozen berries for smoothies. 

when we got home, callie layed on the couch all by herself and fell asleep.
she is a doll.
 i love her cute little spunky self. she is so her own person. sensitive, quizitive, innocent, content, fragile, happy.

i love her little face when she sleeps.
i could just stare at her until she she wakes up.

i enjoyed my callie time.
*pictures taken with my phone.
*i really do wear other clothes. im always in this mustard cardi, but i promise i dont wear it everyday. :)


Lexi said...

fun you got some alone time with callie! I almost never get alone time with any of the kids, but I love those moments when I do. Helps me remember why I became a mother