Tuesday, March 1, 2011

date night

date nights are the best. this year, we have been able to go out more often because of marks schedule change. he no longer works on the weekends, so we are able to get a babysitter and have some alone time on the weekend. this weekend we went to our favorite thai joint. mark always thinks its funny that i get the same thing every time. but i know what i like. yellow curry. and i LOVE it. so why get something else and miss out on what i love?  anyway, it was so good.
then we hopped over to the used book store while we waited for our movie to start. i love love books. the smell, the look, the stories they tell. this particular store had records that i drooled over. my fav section is the jazz section. louie, ella fitzgerald, nat king cole, sinatra, & billy holiday are my tops.

then off to our movie. mark gets a great discount at the theater, otherwise it would be a redbox at home for us. we saw The Eagle this time. it exceeded my expectations.

dont we look bushed.....

we arent used to staying up so late!
but it was great.
we dont always get to go on such eventful dates. sometimes it may just be ice cream in bed watching hulu, or a trip to costco or target. but we try and have some alone time to talk about the kids and life and the future.
date night is the best night ever!