Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my kindergartener

im just going to come out and say it....
my little addie boo is a smartie. she is doing so well in school, we are so proud of her.

she was asked to choose a Dr. Seuss book to do her book report on for last quarter, and she chose Green Eggs and Ham. the kids had to make a project about their book.
addie made a plate of green eggs and ham, like the one on the cover of the book.

her masterpiece.....

these pictures were taken on a "free" day when they didnt have to wear their uniforms.


today i went into addies class to listen to her recite her poem.
the video is a bit shaky because i wanted to watch her and not the screen of my phone. :)
and i cut it off short at the end because i wanted to clap my hands off for my girl!

her poem was, "Chocolate Rabbit".

we took her out to ice cream at the thrifty down the street to celebrate her getting "Principles Pride List" every quarter so far in the school year! Principles Pride List is above Honor Roll, and whoever makes the list gets to have a treat with the Principle one day after school.


i am so happy for addie and could brag on her all day.
we love you babe!


Traci said...

LOVE the project!!