Thursday, July 23, 2009

25 weeks along,

and looking and feeling full term.

this pregnancy has been....hard for me. different. it feels as if im having my first. maybe its because its a boy? i dont know. i feel way more overwhelmed with this pregnancy, way more emotional, way more tired, way more scared, for some reason. it may have to do with my massive 'to do' list that needs to be done before this baby comes. little things like, get callie off the passie, move the girls into the same room, paint my house, clean house (like every drawer and shelf) , get his room ready and all the baby things ready, buy a swing, sling, get a NAME already!!
silly little things like that, but big things at the same time.

i am worried about them too, the girls. callie needs so much attention and watching over. she is mischievous. addie will be in preschool though. and i know she will be such a good helper for me. she has that little mother inside her that most girls her age have.

all in all, im anxious. and excited. and scared. as mentioned many times before. but i have a hope, and a little piece of me says , you can do it! dont just let yourself give up! give it all you got, to the very last breath!

i think i can
i think i can
i think i can
i think i can


Erin said...

You definitely CAN!! I love your header p.s.

Lexi said...

i love this post, and don't worry. first of all... you dont look full term lol, maybe feel it though. second, eventually that nesting will set in and all of this will see like nothing. and third, why don't you try just doing one thing at a time. Seemed to help me a lot with the twins. I just worked on one thing per week and by the time they came... i was overly ready (wello except emtionally lol).

Tatum said...

Jessica! You can, and you will do it ALL just like you always do. What a lucky little guy that baby is to have you as a mommy!

Liz said...

I feel the same way with this one. I am so nervous, excited, scared, tired...pretty much everything you said. You will be able to get it all done just take naps in between all your hard work!

Davis Family said...

You can do it! I bet your girls will adjust quickly and that everything will turn out fine. I think you look amazing!

Bre said...

Hi there. I just met you at Target. It was funny meeting you after following your blog. I go through Jessica Williams' blog. I just wanted to let you know who I was!

Julz said...

Looking cute as ever! I am so proud of my friend and all of her wonderful talents. Can I be you for a day? Luv ya Hess