Tuesday, July 21, 2009

colorado- Part 3- silverton

we headed to silverton on wed, callies official birthday. silverton was the cutest little town. its nestled in a valley with green mountains all around. the houses, well i should call them cottages, are so quaint and adorable. i was envious of one particular lady who was mowing her grass in front of her pale blue cottage, with children playing in the back in an awesome tree house. it was adorable.

we rented a surrey bike. the girls loved it! meanwhile me and mark were huffing ,puffing (and bellies contracting) behind them, pedaling up and down the hills at over 9,000 ft. elevation.

but seeing their faces, and hearing them cheer us on made it all worth while.

we got to see the train that comes through the town, and addie dreamed of riding on it like the polar express.

we stopped by the candy shop to pick a few goodies to take home. i have never in my life seen a bigger peanut butter cup! (in the bottom right corner)

after we ate lunch at one of the quaint cafes, we ended our little trip with a treat at the ice cream shop.

cotton candy for them, black walnut for me, and double brownie fudge for mark. :) hey! we had to get some nourishment back from that surrey workout!:)

it was a wonderful way to spend a day.


Beth said...

that looks like a dream vacation. And i love your headers. i need to take a vacation away from this heat! colorado sounds lovely

Tatum said...

What a perfect day. bellies contracting ah? Mark too?

See you tomorrow. Can't wait!

My Family said...

What a beautiful place to visit, I could totally see you living in a place like that, maybe someday you can be the woman mowing her grass in front of her cottage with her children playing in the back yard :) (I would love that life too)