Tuesday, July 21, 2009

colorado- Part 1- can it be any more beautiful?

my dads side of the family had a reunion in durango colorado. i never believed that a place so beautiful existed. as we were driving in the mountains to our destination i was literally in awe at the beauty. can it get any greener? can the mountains get higher? can the wildflowers be any more plentiful and bright? me and mark started dreaming of retiring there, someday. oh, it was gorgeous!
we stayed at the Cascade Lodge, a cabin built in the 1920s. it was situated just perfectly on its own little rolling hill with wildflowers aplenty for my wee ones to pick. they must have picked a gazillion. the lodge, we found out, had mice, little babies. of course all the little girls thought they were the cutest things ever. that's what you get for watching Cinderella way too many times.



{our happy nest} said...

can i go with you next year? :) i really don't think it could be any more beautiful.

Tatum said...

Oh my! We're retiring there as well. Wanna be neighbors someday? Beautiful photos Jess!

Lexi said...

it looks so beautiful there!

Brianna Avery said...

That's SOOO PRETTY! That's exactly why craig wants to retire there. Maybe we'll start a movement. ALl the cops in the ward can start moving to colorado as they retire and we'll start a whole new ward. ;)