Friday, July 10, 2009

swimming in the shade of the lemon tree

i slathered the girls up with sunscreen and we headed out into the 116 degree heat. i pulled a chair up to the pool and sat under the lemon tree with my legs dipped in the somewhat refreshing hose water.

we ate homemade popcicles and frozen grapes, and i guzzled a full jug of ice water.

callie turns 2 next week. as all mothers say, i cant believe how fast my little ones are growing. too fast.
we are headed to colorado to beat this nasty heat. its a walker family reunion. cant wait to breath in that fresh air and see the beauty.

***up next, callies celebration, along with some colorado nature walks.


Britney said...

so wish i was going to be there! have so much fun

Lexi said...

this looks surprisingly inviting, may not have been with the heat, but we set up our little pool and we have to fill it with hot water because it is still too cold to swim lol

The Van Fam said...

so fun, i love lazy summer afternoons by the pool!

Teresa :) said...

Hi its that crazy gal that works with your mom that occasionally stalks your blog! :) haha I just saw your post about having something machine quilted and thought I would tell you that my mother does that. Im not sure what she charges or how elaborate you want it but I could ask if you want. :) my email is if so let me know. ps congrats on the boy and good luck with the rest!!

Tatum said...

AHHH! You take the most beautiful pictures. I've seen you like twice this summer. I really REALLY miss you. Hope you are having a great time in Colorado. Please play with me when you come back.