Monday, July 20, 2009

callies celebration

we partied at mimi and papas house, in the backyard.
the guest list:
uncle kevo (kevin)
aunt faif (faith)
cousin ellery
and sissy, (addie)
addie would ask callie if she could unwrap the gifts, and callie would just hand her the present and say, "ya!".

she galloped around the yard in her new dress ups and horsey. adorable little gal, if you ask me.


callie you are such a joy. you have the sweetest most kissable face. you are so precious to us. you are a feisty one, and i say you are getting me prepped for this baby boy that is on the way. you love your sister so much and love to play with her.
some things about you:
*you talk so well. something new comes out of your mouth every day.
*you love shoes and always are parading around the house in two different shoes. usually heels.
*you love to eat, man can you eat! you love pizza, cereal, waffles, and chocolate.
*you don't like the sprinklers, but love the pool.
*you love your papa so much.
*you love to read. you pretend to read books to yourself all the time and i love it.
*you aren't potty trained, you are still in a crib(even though you can climb out yourself) and you love your passy. all things in due time.
*you finally like nursery, yay!
*you love to color, and eat playdoh.
*you are so forgiving.
*you have the blondest hair and everyone wonders where you got it. its from your daddy.
*you are fearless.
*you can almost sing all the ABC's.
*you love to do anything your sister does.
*i love it when you sing. so adorable. melts my heart every time, especially when you sing I Am a Child of God.
We Love You Miss Callie Mae! Happy Birthday!

*blowing out the candles on the cake video, coming up.


{our happy nest} said...

happy birthday callie! she is so cute. to me she looks so much like mark and addie looks just like you. so funny! i'm glad she had a happy birthday!

Tatum said...

Happy Birthday Callie! I can't believe you're TWO! We miss you guys! Are you home yet?! Please come play with us.

Ashley Madsen said...

Love the dress ups!!! Looks like a fun day!!!

cvsue said...

I can't believe she is already two! She is adorable!I love the princess dress:)

*Amanda McGuire

Lexi said...

she looks so beautiful in her dress up clothes... and when did your hair get so long?! i dont remember it htat long