Monday, July 27, 2009

snack happy

i decided to bring back the muffin tin snack tray. my kids seem to be hungry all day, and as a result i feel like im in the kitchen all day preparing food. we did this awhile back when addie was a wee one. dont know why i havent done it more often. i can put it in the fridge when they are done and pull it out again when they want a snack.

addie will be starting preschool here soon! yay! i found these great lunch and snack bags at perfect to put her snack into for school! just got them in the mail and so excited about them!

they are all made of oilcloth and have a velcro closer. when you are done using, you just rinse them with hot, soapy water, hang to dry and can reuse them. so great! hoping i can cut back on buying ziplocs. and they are super cute!

you can also use the snack bags to put your ice packs in for your lunch, or use them for other supplies like hand wipes, or take on picnics. the possibilities are endless.
heres to a happy snack!!!


Tatum said...

Those lunch bags are super cute! What a great idea! I cannot believe our babies are starting preschool. Wasn't it yesterday you were soaking your swollen feet in the hot tub at Sun Valley Ranch anticipating baby Addie? Whew! That went fast!

Julz said...

Will you be my Mom? ;)

Lexi said...

those snack bags are CUTE. And, you will love having addie in preschool, especially when the baby comes. It will be such a relief. Trent started shortly after the twins and it was nice to have the spare time.