Sunday, July 5, 2009

i quite enjoyed this 4th of july. i always have loved this holiday, but this year i really enjoyed it. maybe its the pregnancy making me emotional about everything. nothing beats a small town celebration. nothing.

i enjoyed not freaking out about a parking spot or a spot for the parade. i enjoyed seeing the creative floats. i enjoyed watching my kids being hesitant when i told them to run into the road to get candy. run into the road mom? are you nuts!

i enjoyed the perfect weather, we are talkin perfect. i enjoyed a nap in the middle of the day.

i enjoyed yummy pulled pork with the best bbq sauce. im pregnant, it REALLY was THAT yummy!

i enjoyed a rodeo. the atmosphere, the music. the sunset.

i enjoyed visualizing mark with his cowboy boots and hat ropin those calves and riding the horses.
i enjoyed the fireworks, watching addies face in complete awe. i enjoyed cuddling callie during the fireworks with her face buried in my chest from being afraid,trying to make her feel safe. and then cradling her to sleep.

it was such a wonderful day. a day of happiness. i am so grateful i have freedom to enjoy all these wonderful things. grateful for all the people who sacrifice all these things i enjoy to fight for the freedoms we have.
i am proud to be an american.


shay said...

dito. and your belly is too cute!

Ulibarri Family said...

I LOVE small town celebrations. Didn't even know the joy of the til we moved here. We didn't have the rodeo, but we could have gone to the mud bogg races if we were interested in that kind of thing!

Glad you had a good time. It really is wonderful to be an American.

Julz said...

The picture of you and your pregnant tummy is SOOOO CUTE! And you say your not a cute pregnant gal. I beg to differ:) I had fun hanging out and going to the movie even though it was drepressing and a total waste of money. but being with my best friend made it all worth it. Next time the movie is on me and it is going to be a good romance or comedy. luv ya hess

Addie Gaylord said...

nothing like a small town parade and fire works. seriously, nothing can beat it. aren't we lucky to of been raised there?

Lexi said...

this is such a cute post, and you are right... no parking worried would be nice. and btw, you belly is so cute!

Kim and Tyson Family said...

Hey I just found your blog! You guys are so cute! Your fourth of July sounded so similar to mine. We went up to Eagar, and my kids were scared to run into the street too:) Your belly is so cute, but it scares me cause it looks just like mine and I am only 11 weeks along!!