Thursday, July 2, 2009

we are at my mom and dads for the holiday. it is beautiful. the weather is perfect. afternoon showers bring the sweet smell of rain. we listen to the crickets at night while the windows are open and bringing in a cool breeze. this afternoon i sat on a blanket with my girls in the backyard and we read books, bird watched and just enjoyed being outside.

we enjoyed a yummy dinner on the porch with fresh picked flowers and after had a fire and roasted mallows. perfect evening.

she likes cherries.

she likes anything with sauce. shes my little chipmunk.goodnight.


andrea said...

Looks wonderful! Did you fix or get a new camera yet? I love the photo with the daisies! Your girls are so cute. OH and ps you look great! If you've gained any weight it's just that baby growing like it should be!!!