Wednesday, July 29, 2009

her backpack

she is starting preschool soon. we went shopping for a back pack.

she wanted the ginormous princess one.

i couldnt say no.
i said 'what the heck'.

she is happy and so excited.


Tatum said...

She looks so EXCITED! What a cutie! I'm so sad that Peyton and Addie will be going on opposite days of the week...

Lexi said...

i love the backpack! i think Haylees first one was a princess one too. When does she start? I keep thinking you have at least 6 weeks because our kids do, but they start school in about 2 right?

Beth said...

she is so cute. I think she might be able to fit inside that backpack! We are planning on thursday, I am excited!

The Baum Squad said...

My mom said on a scale of one to ten, the high school musical and batman backpacks aren't important. She is right. I guess if it makes them happy, right? And it was probably worth the purchase to get that cute of a reaction from her. Good luck with your upcoming preschool days...enjoy goes by so fast.

BTW, thank you for earrings. I'm so excited to pick them up from Addie today!