Wednesday, March 24, 2010

being together.

yesterday for Family Home Evening we had a picnic in the backyard. i picked up a $5.00 pizza and we sat by the citrus trees and inhaled the sweet aroma. that is one of my favorite smells... of all time!

we talked about showing people we love them. we talked about making people happy. we talked about our day. we talked about not picking the orange blossoms off the tree. callie picked all the pepperonis off her pizza to make it the "cheese kind." we talked about spring. i watched addie kiss callie on the cheek and give her a hug. me and mark laughed, but i cant remember what about. i remember feeling happy, seeing his smiling face.

its in these short moments of time that i gain strength and courage to get through the hard times. moments of just being. being together.

it is such a sweet moment in our lives we are living.


Lindsey said...

love your quilt! and callie is growing up so much, i love her hair cut. i know exactly what you mean....about "Just being together" makes everything else better

Daniel and Kristen said...

Love nights like that!!!

ahlin said...

oh my gosh that fhe sounds awesome! seriously, once it gets warmer here, i'm totally doing that :)