Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sometimes you just have to laugh

i know! i said it too!

what the???????!!!

this would be addie with mud makeup.
she found dirt (aka fly poop) in her window sill, (bad house keeping on my part), went to the bathroom and got a cup of water and poured it in the window sill to make mud, and continued to make mud(poop) makeup.

i know,,,
what the????!!!!!

it has been one of those days...one i cant even explain to you what actually happened.
thank heaven for tomorrows right.
i will be waking up with positive phrases going through my head,

keep calm, carry on.
its all going to be ok.
yes, you can.
its going to be a bright sunshiny day.
peace be still.
breathe and smile.

now that i mention it, one of these uplifting phrases would be perfect in my kitchen.
front and center, to remind me that life is good.
even if i find my daughter slathered in fly poop... i mean, mud.


Ashley said...

Haha Jess this is TOO FUNNY! It totally made my day! I'm glad you could laugh at this!

Lindsey said...

oh my, i couldnt help but laugh. At least she is incredibly smart and creative....i don't know how you do it sometimes! Good luck today

Tatum said...

OH MY! She is sooooooo creaaaattttivvvvvvve!!!! Love it!

Mimi said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I am completely without words!