Friday, March 19, 2010

scattered thoughts and happenings of the morning

:: view from my pillow ::
i either got food poisoning or a 24 bug.
laying in bed, listening to the birds sing a spring song.
im afraid to try and eat breakfast.
mark took the kids to run errands this morning.
i am thoroughly enjoying this quiet.
can i muster up enough energy to clean my bathrooms?
walking from room to room and opening the windows.
the perfect cool breeze is making my drapes flutter and its wonderful.
i didnt tell my girls good bye before they left this morning with daddy, shame on me.
date night is called off due to my sickness... i will have to have mark go on a redbox run for tonight instead.
off to take a warm shower and let my ears soak up this absolute quiet.
enjoy your weekend.


Tatum said...

you make a sick day sound great. Hope you feel better and enjoy that quiet.

Laura said...

feel better soon!