Monday, March 8, 2010

weekend happenings

this weekend we enjoyed:
being in our backyard with the "perfect" weather.

painting my kitchen a sunny yellow.
(i wouldnt say i enjoyed painting it, i double hate painting... but i did enjoy it once it was done!)

attended one of the cutest birthday parties put on by the cutest mama around, beth.
happy birthday rory!

early mornings...
again, not enjoyable, but to see my sleepy babies faces is sure adorable!

we also:
got to go on a double date.
ate bbq.
cleaned the whole house.
watched home videos.
had a surprise visit from mimi.
now im pooped...
and i need a weekend to recover from my weekend!


Lindsey said...

all i have to say is Walker is so dang cute! What a handsome little guy he is....and you make me baby hungry!

Mimi2four said...

I loved helping you paint! Can't wait to see the curtains up! xoxo to my bugs!

Tatum said...

Sounds so busy and fun. It was good to see you guys at the party! I want to see that kitchen!

Beth said...

we had fun seeing you too ! kitchen looks cute!

Janae said...

Love the yellow. & your fabric art is cute too!