Wednesday, March 3, 2010

knock knock.... come in!!!

this time of year is so inspiring and happy to me. i love being outside and seeing bright happy colors all around. now i have bright happy colors on my door to welcome you in!

my spring wreath,

i gathered supplies:
a doily.
brightly colored felt.
those little foam balls you see at christmas time(i pulled mine out of my christmas wrapping box).
i painted a bird house for the inside of my wreath because it was only $1. you could use fake birds or anything really that catches your eye.
i bought a hay formed wreath from joannes. i dont remember the price exactly, but it was cheaper than a foam one. it does the trick so i went with it.
and some fabric to wrap around your wreath.
after that it was so simple, i wrapped the wreath with the fabric, gluing it every so often with my glue gun.
layered circles and leaves of felt and topped them with buttons.
arranged everything the way i wanted and glued it on with hot glue.
pretty straight forward and simple.

not to mention a pretty sight for all those who enter your home.
welcome spring!!
thought bubble moment.... "now if i could just get that door painted it would be awesome! but then the hoa might get mad at me and send me a letter. then i would have to paint it back to the ugly, o so boring brown. and it would be another project on my long list of half started projects,,,, but o so fun!!!"


My Family said...

I say paint your door....screw the hoa!!!! I love that wreath, I think you should come over to my house and help me make one :)

The Van Fam said...

love it! i made an easter wreath today too and i am posting it soon. and i say paint your door too, who cares about the hoa. we painted ours black and that definitely isnt on their list of colors but they still havent said anything. its worth a try!