Monday, March 15, 2010

monday morning in the backyard

little tid bits of info:
:::this morning we discovered that our lemon and orange trees are covered in blossoms!
what a joy!
:::mark worked some crazy hours this week. he worked about 20 hours in a 24 hr time period. hes crazy and i miss him.
:::i found a super adorable linen set at goodwill today. that is always the first thing i check out when i go. i am in love with vintage linens. someday i will gather my collection and make something like this... and in all honesty, we both know it wont be as rad as kellys, but still!
:::addie is has been obsessed with my ummm, cough cough, chest area. she told me my "booties" were beautiful. yikes!
:::i think walkers mullet is in need of a trim job. need to put that on the list.
:::my kids are in love with this cd. and i have to admit, i love it too.
we checked it out at the library and then downloaded it onto our itunes. shhhh.
their favs:
#1 A-Tisket, A-Tasket
#7 Molasses, Molasses, Its Sticky Icky Goo
& #8 The Bean Bag Song.
good ol classics i tell ya!
:::callie has taken interest in potty training. i just cant for the life of me get excited about it.
why is that?
:::i was so happy when i went to the farmers market this afternoon and saw all the delicious fruits and veggies. i am so excited for a big variety of summer produce this season!
happy monday my friends!
i plan on making a yummy fresh dinner, taking a walk to the mailbox and possibly watching a movie tonight with popcorn!


Fullerton Family said...

It must be the nursing- Kami has become obsessed with my "bottles" also. Oy. And I'm with ya on the whole potty training thing. Jaci is showing major interest, but it just seems like one.more.thing on my never ending list! (because changing diapers is so much better, huh?)

Mimi2four said...

I wish dad could be there to smell the blossoms! That is his FAVORITE thing!!!! WOO HOO Callie! Way to go!! I love the pics. Walker is just too dang huge! Addie is adorbably inquisitive :) maybe give her a book to read to you while you're nursing? :)

Tatum said...

Chloe and I are going through the exact same thing as Callie! I just need to nip it in the butt but I just can't get off of mine and be motivated.

Laurie said...

My sister had a Pottery Barn Kids CD she bought at Goodwill for like $1 and it had the most AMAZING music on it. I think I might be buying this album just for me.