Tuesday, March 9, 2010

easy art

for the longest time my little downstairs bathroom was bare, i couldn't find any art that i liked to display. couldn't find the colors i wanted or the print i wanted. but i did find some fabric that would be perfect... if only i could display it in some way.

well i could!

my cute cousin from boston shared this simple, cant get any easier idea to make simple art.
here it goes...
go to your fav craft store,
buy an art canvas, the kind that painters use,
buy some rockin fabric that you cant part with,
iron out any wrinkles in your fabric,
lay your canvas over your fabric and cut around it leaving about to inches on all sides(like wrapping a present),
fold over your edges and staple with a staple gun to the back of the canvas,

and whaddya know...

your done.

love this idea so so much. canvas' come in all sizes so it makes for a truly custom project.
thanks cuz for this diy!


Tatum said...

I love it Jess! It looks beautiful! Where did you find such gorgeous fabric??

Sorry we missed today. I can't find my phone anywhere. I'm falling a part.