Thursday, November 8, 2007

Addies new HaiRcuT

what a sweetie pie!

her hair is cuter than mine! i wish mine looked like this! how sad!! :o) we went to this cute place called lolly locks! so girly and fun. the kids can sit on elephants and cars and hippos( like at the park). they get a lolly pop at the end! she had a fun time and came out cuter than ever! love you addie!xoxo


Kendyl said...

I LOVE HER HAIR!!! that place sounds fun! Karsyn is due for a haircut! We are coming down next week again,john is STILL workin down there!

tatum said...

I agree. Her hair is absolutely perfect! I love the cut and the color! She is such a stylin' two year old!