Wednesday, November 7, 2007

{my family}

all the girls! i am so excited to have two girls. i didnt grow up with sisters so this is just so fun to me! I am so excited for them! Maybe we will have three girls! that would be fun!!! :o)

had to get one with daddy and his girls! he loves them so much and is such a good, sweet

yesterday we went to to the new san tan mall! i loved it! it is all outside and so much fun! the play area is so fun, in part of it there is this water feature the kids play in. Addie didnt like the one at the zoo so i didnt bring her extra clothes thinking she wouldnt go in. well..........................

She LOVED it!!!! so we were so white trash and i left her in her diaper!!! but she loved it!!!

next time we will have to bring her suit!

she is groing up so fast and is learning so much everyday! i really dont give her enough credit for how smart she is, it truely amazes me! i have to share a funny story!
we were at church and the ward clerk was walking around counting the people and he was a fairly LARGE person. well, he walked by and addie saw him, pointed at him and in a loud voice said....."mommy!! WO WO WO WO" over and over! she said that same thing when we saw the huge cow at shnepf farm and when she sees a big truck!!! so of course i die laughing inside, and hopeing that his family isnt sitting behind us!!! oh the joys!!!! i am sure there is much more imberrasment to come!!!


tatum said...

What a very smart and funny girl- you have! That is what I say/think when I see a rather large person or cow...same thing! That water feature looks fun maybe I could bring my suit next time and you could get some great pictures of me! Then you can put it on your blog with the title WOO HOO!

tatum said...

Oh- will you please share your apple sauce receipe! I have been craving it!!

Lexi said...

Isn't she freezing?? It is cold here, my kids can't go outside without long sleeves and pants, much less no clothes and in the water!