Wednesday, November 7, 2007

what to expect when at the park.....

shoes are instantly off!!!

down the slide this way...........

and this way.....

and recently this way!!! :D

wanders a time or two! (we are at my moms appt. hence the buildings)

rolls down the hills!!!

tell her to spit the wood chips out!
use your imagination and daydream.

callie sleeps.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

and best of all a smile now and again!!!

good night!!!


Blake & Andrea said...

So cute, I took Ashlyn to the park this week with some friends from our ward and she had a great time...she wandered a lot, she loved the grass and she really liked the slide and swings! I'll have to post about it soon! Addie's hair is super cute, I'm just happy to get pig tails in Ashlyn's or maybe a clip! can't wait for it to grow long

The Claridges said...

She is so cute! I see a lot of you in her! And knock it off about your hair because I remember I was always so jealous of it!

tatum said...

So cute!! I love those pictures on the slides. She is so funny.