Tuesday, November 27, 2007

{thanksgiving weekend}

it was so chilly and wonderful in Show Low.
it actually felt like fall!!!

addie and daddies silly face

my dad.

papa and mimi!!

you would never tell from the pictures but the girls both had fevers while we were there. they both have horrible coughs,stuffy noses, and sound like men. i am worried about callie, i dont want it to turn into bronchitis. poor thing. when will we get better??


The Van Fam said...

Thats so cute that the girls name for 'grandma' is mimi! Trey calls my mom "mima".

tatum said...

Addie is so photogenic! She is too cute! So you had Thanksgiving in Show Low?? It looks so beautiful.... someday I will live somewhere with four seasons! You look like a perfect mix between your mom and dad! Those lovely Walkers!

Kendyl said...

oh goodness what is up with this sick season???i didnt know you guys were coming to showlow!!!it was chili!!but thanksgiving day was quite warm....we're finally getting better, but I STILL CANT TASTE!!!im so frustrated with it!!i dont even know why i eat anything!!

Jess said...

we where actually in the valley on thanksgiving day. mark suprised me with taking work off the next few days and so we were able to go and see my family. yay! we came home on sunday. great get away!

The Claridges said...

Hey I was in Show Low too. I didn't want to leave! When you download your pictures to your computer, rotate them clockwise before loading them onto your blog. Works for me but good luck.