Wednesday, November 28, 2007


CALLIES obsession......
she just wants someone to look at and talk to her.
someone to make her smile.

MARKS obsession..........
thinking about taking on law school,
what the rest of our life will be like,
when will school be over,where will we settle,
i have a test coming up,
when can i go to sleep.
these things cross the mind of my mark all the time!!!

ADDIES obsession...... caillou! its this show in channel 8 that she is OBSESSED with.
she literally cries when it is over..... every morning!
and stickers my friends....
what kid doesnt like stickers?
they stick to anything,
have all different kinds of pictures on them,
they are great!! at least addie thinks so!!!

Addie is obsessed with so many things..
her mimi and papa, music, her passy!!! ugggg, singing the abcs, suckers. going to the library, the playground, the kids club on thursday mornings.

JESSICAS osession.....

well, i LOVE my new camera mark got me for Christmas. a little early yes, but it came just in time for the holidays and to take our family pics.!!! i have been wanting this for SOOOO long!!

and ribbon!!!!

got to love this, you can make so many creations...

bows for my girls, topiaries, cards, scrapbooking, tie it around ANYTHING and it becomes the cutest thing ever!!! :D


tatum said...

I have to say our families are quite alike! Except my husband isn't as ambitious as yours! And I think I will still be dreaming of a new AMAZING camera well past the holidays! :( You brat! And that ribbon collection of yours is awful lovely!!!

RiChArd and MeReDitH said...

Jess I love your idea to write about everyone's obsessions. I have to say that Mark's obsessions sound like Rich's! We have a nice camera too and i is just so much more fun to take pictures!

Jaime said...

Kalei thinks In and Out stickers are the greatest things ever too :o) Cute post and pics!!

Lexi said...

THis is such a cute post. I think I might steal it lol. I wish Marks obsession sounded like Daves. Daves is more like... we'll get to it when it gets here lol. We love our digital camera too, I just wish I had a talent in photography.