Tuesday, November 13, 2007

so SicK

we caught a sick bug in our house! yuck! yesterday all of us girls were throwing up. Thankfully Mark was able to stay home and take care of us. we were a handful! Lots of laundry, baths, medicine, trips to the store, and cuddles were needed and he stepped up to the plate! Thank you babe! I couldnt have done it without you! I am feeling better this morning and we will see how the girls hold up! Today will be spent disinfecting the house, washing sheets and bathrooms, etc. i hope mark doesnt get it. He is in his last stretch of school and internship and cant get sick now! We called our visiting teacher last night to come give us blessings and when we told him it was ALL of us he was shocked! We gave him some antibacterial on the way out the door! I am so grateful for the priesthood and the power it has to heal. What an amazing gift.

I finally snapped a few pictures of Callie. Addie gets jealous so i have to go it when she is napping! silly girl. I want to get one of them blown up at Costco to hang, but cant figure out which one i like best? She wouldnt really smile, but hey, im getting one on the wall right? :D




here are some sillies! poor thing got sick of mom saying " SMILE FOR ME!!!"


Lexi said...

We must be on at the same time lol. I like number 2 and 4. I can't tell which I like more though. These are amazing pictures, I wish I had your talent.

tatum said...

Wow those are GORGEOUS pictures! That is a gorgeous dress, and that BOW.... and that BABY!! I'm sorry I can't help you choose. I love all of them. Even the crying ones. Adorable. Glad your feeling better hopefully we will see you at the Kid's Club!?! Hopefully we will be there as well. Will you photograph my children... geez! Amazing. You are so talented!

The Van Fam said...

Ok Jessica! Seriously no more pictures of your cute little girls! You are making me so jealous! Just kidding... i love seeing them. But it seems like you just had Addie, now she's two! Wow, time goes by fast! I agree with Tatum, all of the picutres of Callie are so adorable! I can't pick just one!