Monday, November 5, 2007

inSpiRE mE!

These awesome vintage fabrics are from! lovin em! there are so many i cant decide what i really want! but i will DEFINATLY be jordering some! and i was so shocked with their prices! way cheap! i want to make blankets and aprons and pajamas and so on and so on! inspire me???? YES!!!

I had to share this ribbon topiary i made! gotta go get some more ribbon today to make more!!!

We were stuck in traffic so i put some fun kids music on for addie! the many faces of Addie........
I am just plain cute! Take some more mom!

Whats up!!! ????

I am Shocked!!!

Huh??? a constant phrase we here quite often!

Get movin people i've got a Kids Club to get to!!!


Blake & Andrea said...

Jess you are such a crafty girl, you do good work! I loved those fabrics and will be visiting that website soon. Addie is a doll!

Karolyn and Britton Bates said...

Jess I just realized that i totally copied your backdrop. I thought it looked familiar when i chose the one for our page, but couldn't figure out why. That's funny! I have to say that your daughters are so cute! One day Callie and Porter will have to date!

Jaime said...

Wow! I LOVE the topiary! So cool :o) Where do you buy your ribbon??

tatum said...

Love those fabrics- I have been dying to make little aprons for my little helpers! Your topiary is perfect!! I am jealous. I still haven't finished mine. I have gone through over 700 pins... and I need more! I have gone to the store 3 times for more ribbon and pins! But I got stuff for another one :) Addie is adorable! So many expressions! Man that traffic must of been bad if you had TIME to whip out your camera!!

The Claridges said...

Jessica I am trying to make topiari ornaments....yeah totally not working! I need a little advice. Danica